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Get premium products for pipe coating services. Ventas provides solutions for Maximum Safety with providing above and underground pipelines, BUTYLEN-AS39 P, AS50, LIQUITOL®-FK2, PLASTELEN®-PF Mastic

Within construction, steel pipes must be coated with a corrosion prevention system, which either takes place at the factory or on the construction site.
Alongside a simple application process, factors such as a long service life and, in particular, reliable protection against corrosion and mechanical loads are key for these systems.
The rehabilitation of pipeline coating on complete pipelines or sections of pipeline takes place while the pipe is in operation, so the pipe can’t be taken out of service. This is an exercise that can prove costly, so it’s a situation that most companies and industries want to avoid at all costs.
Due to the risk of explosion, only cold-processed corrosion prevention systems can be used in these applications. This limits the number of products and solutions you can apply to the rehabilitation of coatings on pipelines, whether they’re complete pipelines or even sections of pipework.
To put the pipeline back into full operation quickly, and with minimal disruption to people’s lives, the process for applying the product must be rapid and simple. Most importantly however, the application needs to be safe.
That’s where Ventas step in, we are a leading, worldwide pipe coating company with a range of above ground and underground pipeline coating services, products, and systems.

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